Changing Behavior

In order to help others we must first become comfortable with ourselves. We believe we find the comfort in ourselves from helping others, but sometimes life gets more complicated than that. Blog posts in this section are all about how we can adjust our lives, our  mental attitudes, our routines, on a personal level, so that we can achieve greater levels of personal satisfaction and thus increase our ability to spread positivity.
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Sex, sin and St. Augustine

Are we lost in the wasteland of sexual adventures, missing out on the wonders of the universe as a result?

How many degrees of lonely

The city can be a lonely place after dark not only for the single guy or gal, but for older people, some who have gone through life - through the many miles and degrees of loneliness and these words ...are for you....tonight...forever....
Another one and another one and another one bites the dust...but how can this be, rock legend announces his own death at age 40? (Humour)
Midnight seems to roll around a little faster as the years run and tear at our shirt sleeves, time is calling us and telling us to listen careful to the quiet of the night....
Yup, its the wild-west up here. Redneck Country. A place and time where some nasty stuff is coming out of peoples mouths...a Pastor for example, who is associated with the Wildrose Party has some nasty stuff to say about the Gay and Lesbians. The NDP Party on the other hand say they are proud to have Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and trans-gender types within their party... Yup, the wild-west. And what is happening to this beautiful place, called Alberta? Are we now just another shadow of some American city? It sure appears that way...
Without a doubt, there is some truth to that expression - if our U.S. cousins to the south happen to sneeze, we all end up with a cold....!!??


Allison Redford, you are not only smart, but a gal who would look good in a pair of jeans, perhaps even belting out a song like: This land is your land, this land is my land....hey, we need you to run a majority government and that is all there is to it.....
I have pretty much parked my rig, but memories of trucking through Saskatchewan after midnight sometimes go through my mind, as though it were yesterday, but the gray hair tells you otherwise...

Rebel...oh really?

about the way black americans are viewed in american society..


Yes, some years ago we lived in a two storey home, actually a semi-bungalow near the University. One day our neighbor leaned on the fence and commented with a sly smile...hey I noticed you looked at my wife with her bikini on...and thats ok...because I have looked over your fence once in a while. He went on to say: Its ok, thats why the good Lord gave us these eyes....


I guarantee that if you use this practice regularly, you will find that the strength, wisdom and solutions to your challenges that you call for will flow to you from your Soul/Inner Power more and more easily and completely. Your Soul knows the way..... without a doubt!


This is a story Dad told me many years ago, its true and very sad. About a successful businessman who lost everything playing the slot-machines in Vegas.....


Yes, many years ago I was in Ottawa, attending a seminar on multi-famiy housing, and during a drive from the airport to the hotel I was staying at...I had an interesting conversation with a cabbie....
Different on-line services like Ashley Madison and others make it easy for married folks to have friends and yet stay married? Is the grass really greener on the other side

*A Wannabe*

And some remain a *Wannabe* forever*
Even us older folks have to watch those magic words, Go ahead, Try it, It won't hurt you.....
Sorry Lisa, I listened to some of your music from the To Whom it May Concern album and none of it grabbed me...
For those who object to the Northern Gateway Pipeline and other pipeliness in the north the opportunity is now and when costs go through the roof all the objections about tankers and the environment will not be worth two cents....


Every now and then you will see a number of trucks being pulled over for inspection and at the same time other cars and trucks speeding by that should not be on the highway. Are we missing something here?


Pulitzer-prize winner Wallace Stegner wrote an article in the Aug/Sept. 2004 issue of Mother Earth News and the article was simply called: Why we need Wildnerness....
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