Hi again folks. Its me, your friendly blogger. And yes, I am talking to you, yes you, the older guys and girls that fall prey to those magic words, Try it
It won't hurt you...

And in this instance I refer to the stuff we buy at the health food store, the local drug store, yes, the
vitamin this, vitamin that. And you must know...at least I hope you know...that even too much of a good thing can operate in reverse. Not always making you feel better. I shall not name brands or items but you know the ones...those things we take on a regular basis for a headache or tummy ache or back ache. Some of them are not only addictive
in certain respects but they do things we do not expect. Especially when we take a combination of various prescriptions along with things we buy over the counter...and suddenly do not feel well...why?

We need to wait a couple of hours before we mix and match. Our sensitive tummies (and they are) need to circulate our medications properly...and then go ahead and take that extra tablet for a headache or tummy ache, but not all the time. There could be some problems taking ingredients of any kind on a continuous basis.

The answer? Put the question to your family doctor and if you don't have a family doctor, get one. He or she is the most important person, yes more important than your accountant or banker. Make sure you are able to communicate your problems or concerns with the person you deem to be your family doc and he or she will become a part of your happy home and (hopefully) the key to a longer and healthier lifestyle.

So, yes, easy to say take this, try it. Be careful with that kind of thinking. Know what it is. Understand the pros and cons. It makes good sense.

To you, my friendly reader, I say - have a safe, good and healthy day!!!