With a very limited budget, there is only so much we, the staff of Blog4Change, can do to promote our community. To make the site truly popular across the world, we need your help.

Here are some things you can do to make your blog posts, and Blog4Change, a more popular site on the Internet.

#1 - Respond quickly to comments left on your blog posts.

#2 - Respond to as many comments as possible on your blog posts.

#3 - Encourage participation by asking questions at the end of your article.

#4 - Create a Digg.com account. Digg your articles, and Digg other blogger's articles that you believe should be seen by more people. Getting one blog post to the first page of Digg could explode the popularity of your blog, and Blog4Change in general. (Typically, blog posts from Blog4Change should be posted under the main category - 'Lifestyle' - subcategory - 'Health' - in Digg.com.) Once you have an account at Digg.com, simply click the Digg This button in the right hand corner of an article at Blog4Change and follow the instructions. This takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

#5 - Start a Facebook and Twitter page, become friends with as many people as you can, and post links to your Blog4Change blog page on your facebook page. Also, update Facebook and Twitter whenever you make a new post so all your friends and followers can check it out.

#6 - Try to write at least one blog post per week to keep the community aware of you, and thus all of your blog posts.

#7 - Try to get one of your posts featured on another site, such as ZenHabits.net. Find your best post and send it to Leo, ask him if he thinks it is good enough to be featured on ZenHabits. He will allow you a backlink to your Blog4Change main page if he accepts your post.

#8 - Try and get one of your posts featured on as many other sites as possible.

Thank you for your time and your participation in Blog4Change.org. We believe we have one of the most helpful sites on the Internet and we hope that many more people across the world come to know what we, as a community for change, have to offer.