*He *~really does hear   everything that we have  to say to him~ everything that  we ask for ~  ` regardless  whether we are worthy or not     *Or* require it  ~ He will decide~  Yes ~  God knows our every move and thoughts~ and intentions whether they are good or   not so good~ and its all sorted out and put into proper perspective~and dealt with~
  Sometimes  we wish that we had  everything that we want and ask for   ~ but life isnt that way  ~
   Thats why everything happens for a reason~
 If  You have a flat tire and get out of the car angerily ~` kick the tire and swear~ well  ~ did you ever think ~~~that  ~ ` maybe if you would have kept on going ~just at that particular time  ~` you may have had an accident~ or maybe  something else might have happened ~   ` Thats why you were  delayed   ~ 
 Maybe you might not feel well to go to work   ~ who knows    maybe  you avoided some other incident that could have injured you or whatever~ Im a firm believer of   **Everything Happens  For  A Reason* ~Thats why we dont *always*  get what we wish or pray for ~
   But we always get  what we absolutely do need ~If we need a life lesson  ~ It happens  also ~
 Sometimes we all need a *Wake up call*  to realize and appreciate  all that we do have and have been given up to this point~
  Its time to say Thanks     *Every Living Day *  that we have and not take life for granted  ~