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I love travelling, spending time in nature, hanging out with the people I love most & learning about myself & the world. I want to travel to Africa & India to teach young girls & promote confidence, self-respect & positivity. I want to use my art to raise money & awareness for charities, but am just getting started :)

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Choosing the right path & learning from those who try to bring you down.

Hello! On Monday 22nd Feb 2010, I will be turning 23. I already have everything that I have ever wanted, so instead of asking for presents, I’m asking everyone I know to donate to a cause I am passionate about – Charity: Water.

What I have learnt during 2009 & what I hope to achieve in 2010 :)

Gratitude & Art

Gratitude to those who read my posts. I want to share a story with you :)

Creating A Vision Wall

A vision board is a great way to keep motivated & focussed on your goals & dreams. And they're fun to make!

What You Believe, You Receive...

Our beliefs mould us as individuals and determine how we live our lives. They must challenge us to experience more in our lives and encourage us to live our potential.


An article I wrote for a popular Australian magazine aimed at teenage girls.

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