A vision board is a great way to keep motivated & focussed on your goals & dreams. And they're fun to make! First, collect pictures, quotes, photographs, words, art/sketches, material, ribbon, cards, - anything that inspires you or makes you smile. Next, find a place to stick all of the things you collected. You can use a notice board, mirror, notebook, wall, or even your fridge - anywhere that you look at everyday. Be creative! I used stick-on hooks & thin rope to create a clothes-line along the back wall of my lounge room, then used pegs & blue-tak to attach the pictures etc that I collected. I also attached fake flowers to my vision wall, to make it look extra pretty :) If you have, or are going to, create your own vision wall/board, or artwork, please feel free to send me photos - I would love to see what you create! Peace & Love Jen xoxo