Nancey Collette

I'm a para-medical tattoo artist. My mission: helping individuals overcome physcial / emotional handicaps of medical disfiguring conditions. Focusing on Areola/Nipple color restoration for breast cancer reconstruction surgery. Eyebrow restoration for post effects of chemotherapy or Alopecia. Cleft lip work. Scar camouflauge / Scar relaxation for burn , accident and surgery victims. Non-Profit organization that is dedicated to each individual.

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Live In Today !

Tattoo Artist......Bully vs Victim

finding common ground

Embrace life.

Faith will take you down many paths.

When somesone much different than yourself comes into your life, welcome that individual, they are there to teach 'YOU'

TATTOO ARTIST: Defeat 'or' Victory

When you can generate such a profound difference in another's life,


What I observed this week

Give from your Heart - TRULY -

Para-medical tattooing and Age

When something goes not according to your plan in life, does age matter?

Life Coach

Been there, done that. It helps to talk!

Thru advanced para-medical tattooing.........

Para-medical tattooing

Making a difference in one's self confidence.

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