Para-medical tattooing
By Nancey Collette
Published on 08/22/2009
Making a difference in one's self confidence.

I'm neither a writer nor an english teacher, I'm an advanced para-medical tattoo artist making a difference in people lives thru human art and life coaching. Today we will talk about eyebrows. If you have alopecia, trichotillomania or have gone thru chemo and have no eyebrows you know how frustrating that can be. You draw them on, but never the same each day, you go swimming, there gone. Your engaged in conversation and the other person is talking to your eyebrows, wondering: hmmm.  You have checked into the world of permanent cosmetics: expensive. In the "business" world when consulting with a client for this procedure, seeing their hopes rise and then tell them the cost, that hope fell. Something in my heart had to give. I started a non-profit: . I can now help to renew that clients self confidence. Eyebrows are tattooed in tiny little hairstrokes using  different colors to create real looking brows.  When finished, the client looks in the mirror----if you could capture that emotion = priceless!!    The people in this world is what make a difference. Help an individual to make a difference in themselves and they will make a difference in the world