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Hi everybody, I'm sorry I havn't written anything for a while but I'm back! Check out my new posts reguraly! As you know, I feel strongly about children and opinions and I still feel strongly about it. I also support going green, recycling, equal rights and kindness all around. I do not care much about polotics (though I do hope that the rulers of the world make the right descisions) though.

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Please don't litter

Please don't litter

Wasting food

Wasting food! Pah!

So much liiiggghttt!

Our household appliences use so much light! Open microwaves, freezers, fridges, telivisions etc! WOW!

Fountain pen ink

We use many ink pen cartridges a year. An average school child uses just under 2 and a half kilograms of unrecyclable plastic a year!


Forgiveness is more powerful than you think.

Dont be so grumpy

dont be grumpy

Everything makes a difference

everything makes a diffeerence

Never judge someone wrongly.

Spread a smile

If you smile at people they'll smile back. Make your day happier.


We should treat our families better. Here are some reasons why.

Eat less cow meat!

Reasons why you should eat less cow meat and how it will help the enviroment.

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