Wasting food
By Kid Blogga
Published on 12/16/2009
Wasting food! Pah!


 Wasting food. We all do it. Chuck away the food we don't like. Buy something exotic like...a papaya(!) then never use it. Goes bad. Chuck that out. Have a apple tree in the garden? Don't want all those rotting apples in your garden? Throw them away too. So much food is thrown away each year. Britain alone throws away ten billion pounds worth of food every year. We waste 1.6m bananas, 5500 chickens, 5.1m potatoes, 660,000 eggs and 220,000 loaves of bread each year. WOW. What a waste. 
How can we stop this? Simple. Waste less food. How? Lots of ways.
1.) Many people like to stock up on things. This is fine, but not with perishables (ie, eggs, milk, anything that goes off quickly). Buy too many, don't use in time and bam. They are gone. Don't, please, please, PLEASE don't stock up on perishables.
2.) Throwing away food we/our family dislike. I don't like potatoe skins, my brother hates cabbage and my mum and dad hate carrots. So instead of throwing them away at the end of a meal, we swap. Not so much waste.
3.) Don't cook more then you need. Definatly the case when guests are over. My mother panics when guests come round and makes way more then we need. What we can, we re-use but alot still goes in the bin. So don't cook too much.
4.) Do you throw away hundreds of apples, pears, oranges, mangoes etc. because you don't want rotting fruit all over your terrace. If you do have any of this fruit (or any fruit or veg that maybe going soft) why don't you turn it into chutney, smoothies, compotes or jam? Great way to use fruit thats about to go.
5.) Make things like ham into sandwhiches, stocks, soups etc. One meal can be turned into many.

Great ways to not waste food! And if you are keen on gardening, make your own compost heap for fruit, veg and even eggshells (but no meat, never put meat in the compost heap, flies will come and it will stink) for great gardening soil!