Please don't litter
By Kid Blogga
Published on 03/21/2010
Please don't litter

Everyday, I see litter. Around London, in the park, in my school. And it is really horrible. On my way down to my grandparent's house from the city, I see litter as we drive down the moterway. Trash sits and smells in the ditches and ruins what is left of the countryside. In the River Thames, trash is everwhere. They have special boats that have to sift through the water to try and get it out. On one day, they found a television set, a dead cat and the remains of a car. Even at school, I find litter. My school is a beautiful old building and people just cannot be bothered to walk the extra metre to a bin. Am I overreacting? No. There are bins everywhere. It is so disgusting to see these bits of rubbish going mouldy and horrible on the streets so please don't do it. We want to preserve beayty while we still can. In England, you can be fined if you are caught littering. I'm not sure if they do this elsewhere, but if they don't, they should. Go on litter picking days and help clean up over those lazy people who just can't be bothered. It will help make our lives so much cleaner and nicer! So please don't litter because it just means more work for someone else and a bad smell.