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What is going on in this world that we all share? Let's put the pieces of the puzzle together...

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All we crave is the moment in which we can forget ourselves. We forget ourselves as we make googoo faces at a beautiful baby. We forget ourselves when the moment demands spontaneous action.

Today the World has a Sepia Hue

Today, the hue the the world is painted in is almost new. Like I've never quite seen it like this before. This is actuality with no interpretation from the mind. We are all slaves to our mind.

The Garbage Pile in the Mind

What is the nature of the body-mind-organism? What is the unconscious garbage piled up in the psyche? The unconscious is the world, conditioning, society. It's everything that molds, shapes, distorts actions. It's conditioning.

A: If you've decided to stay in the relationship then perhaps accept the drama or have a good conversation about how each of you would like things to proceed? S: I'm not accepting drama. Anyway, maybe I'll meet someone at grad school. Lol. A: Hopes in the future are completely futile. To me, the problem exists in your own thought process and not in that it's hard to find someone.

Insanity in the Full Moon Light

Yesterday I felt insane. Turns out it was a full moon. I couldn't stop eating. Why do I talk about the past?

The Mind is Conflict

Gain, competition, comparison are all conflict. It is all created by the mind. The mind is conflict.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness implies that you are aware of yourself. If you are minding yourself, you are paying particular attention to what you are doing in the particular moment in time and space. Mostly, you are not mindful, but mindless. You want around mindlessly repeating doing what you do day after day. Through your upbringing and conditioning, you were programmed to be who you are today. If you were born at a different time, in a different place, in another family, would you be the same person?

Are you happy yet?

What is happiness? You are searching for happiness aren't you? Happiness seems to be problematic. It's not a thing that you can reach out and touch. You can't point your finger at an object and say "I see you happiness. Come here and stop hiding on me". So happiness isn't out there somewhere in space.

Are there voices in your head?

Do you ever wish that voice in your head would just shut up? Where does that voice, or perhaps those voices, come from? I bet one of them is the voice of your mother. Another is the voice of your father. Can you hear your boss in there? Possibly your priest? Does it feel like all these voices are yourself talking to yourself?

Is everything passing event just a blur? The problem is, so much of your attention is diverted from the here and now, to the dialogue and pictures in your mind.

Are you a robot?

You are conscious and aware of WHY you need to change.  You are creating a reality that you don't particularly like and you do have the power to change it. That is a very important step

You are ready for change!

You are ready for change.  That's why you're here right?  There are 2 options.  You can either use force to mold the outside world OR begin to create yourself anew.  I believe changing yourself is the only option.

Who are you? Part 2

Ok, so you've asked who you are. But you don't quite know the answer. That's perfectly OK. But one thing is for sure. Someone else CANNOT tell you who you are!!

Who are you?

"Who are you?" Have you ever seriously considered the question? It is the most fundamental question that you could ever ask yourself. But have you even asked?

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