Today, the hue the the world is painted in is almost new.  Like I've never quite seen it like this before.  Is this actuality, with no interpretation from the mind.  We are all slaves to our mind.  The unconscious is full of all the conditionings of society, to make us docile sheep that follow anyone that dangles a carrot, or a doughnut.  There is no one to follow.  The only thing to follow is the inner aching's of the mind and soul, urging one to look inward, instead of find band-aids in the outer.  That's the trouble.  When we are in pain, physically, it is important to find a band-aid and attend to it.  We see the necessity of tending to the injury.  We feel the pain and so know its there and are compelled to act.  With psychological pain, instead of looking at it, and acting to end it right there, we carry it forward.  We store it in order to perpetuate it.  We are incessantly picking at our inner scabs and wondering why they don't heal.