John Starworth

I am a site administrator and help the staff come up with ideas. I also like to post my thoughts on going green, although my main interest lies in self-help type ideas.

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Picking Up Branches

Sometimes its doing the small things during the day that will help change your whole attitude for the better.

If we stop looking inward and look at how we can contribute to the world, our inner problems may magically dissolve.

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, let's look at the lyrics to one of his most poignant songs, Man in the Mirror.

Tell Someone You Appreciate Them

Tell someone that they are appreciated and you may change that person's entire mood, from negative to positive.

This post is about doing things, not just talking about doing things. We all can talk about doing good, but unless we actually do what we are talking about then we aren't really accomplishing or changing anything.

Shut Down Your Computer at Night

The computer and personal devices have taken over our lives, but we must mentally be able to separate ourselves from technology.

I think change starts with the little things, the day to day things where if we start with simply treating each other better, the end result could be a much more peaceful world.

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