santhosh kumar

Came on to the earth as a baby boy,metamorphosed to a boy and then to a man.Didn't make any impact on the earth so far.But Iam not a pessimist.

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World of selfishness

The boy sat down on the sands in despair while the man disappeared in to the world of selfishness.

Sacred heart

A battered and bruised heart lay still

I realized the labor free life that was waiting for me.

My Father

But you didn’t let the tears come down. Your love and compassion made my sacrifice look meager. I owe you a lot, my Father.

But Iam not that bad either!!

It has been more than a decade now since I saw HIM. Everyday before sleep I wish I could see HIM again. But years passed by, HE never came again!!

To be loved & cared by someone

What would have happened if i was alone during these four days?

Thats how GOD thinks!!

My conscience on behalf of GOD

I wish if some agency like Forbes could prepare a list of the poorest people in the world. How would that list look like?

“If it is GOD’S will that someone has to starve, then HE is not my GOD”.I can understand one’s feeling when they say this. But I graciously disagree to this.

Ever thought of being an actor?

Boy! HE is doing this all alone.

To hurt anyone unintentionally

Have you hurt anyone unintentionally?

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