As usual, Forbes has issued their annual billionaires list. So now there are 1011 billionaires in the world. A year ago, it was 793. The rich are getting richer.

I wish if some agency like Forbes could prepare a list of the poorest people in the world.

How would that list look like? Millions of people tied at number one spot with a net worth of 0 M$! How sad that is? On one side we have people who can even sleep on dollars and on the other side people are dying because of hunger!!

           I believe that, if these 1011 people can donate a few percentage of their net worth, poverty can be eradicated from the whole world. I agree that most of these people and some organizations are doing lot of charity works. But these are all superficial.

To wipe out poverty, you really need a big effort from someone who has a big tender heart.

         There should be someone who could facilitate this task and in my opinion it is none other than the leader of a nation. I agree that it is unfair to crave for someone else’s wealth. They are billionaires because of their effort.

          Now let me tell you what I would have done, if I was the leader of a nation.

I would start a governmental organization (Poverty Eradication Unit) with one fourth of the fund allocated to defense. At the onset, it would create jobs for many unemployed people. The responsibility of this organization will be to collect the detail of people below the poverty line. My next task, if not the biggest hurdle would be to make these billionaires realize the sanctity of this cause.

           After all who won’t be moved if I tell them “Guys, I don’t want any one to starve, while you people are sleeping on dollars”.