Reality vs. Spirituality vs. Reality
Reality is a sure and if your sane (laugh) you take it serious. The belief that as long as you
maintain you doing the 'In' trends and fads aka  "the sane crowd "in your life style you are ok ? Only in this time 2010. The fact is  the people who think this are the immoral majority most who are vile people who have gone away from God a long time ago.They use vulgar language, illegal drugs , and alcohol, lie, cheat, fight, and back stab, they are the most morally inept people you'd know. But this world loves it, right? The spiritual person no matter what religion you say' is always curtious, caring, never into the new fad of the week and is never losing faith in the power of love and is usually sporting a smile /not ignorant and always there to offer help if needed. And he is generally quick to smile. It is the narrow minded illness of today. Maybe if we start a new moral code. A brand new slate of ethics and rules and renewed morals. A conscious revolution or something. Each one teach one is  a masterful philosophy. Start with the young teach them the world and teach that God loves them, tell them to pray to God, daily. Teach yor children morals. Teach them to rely on family rather than  hot fads, tell them  it's not end of the world if they do not keep up their best friends new fad.

If the world is teaching people to think " hey I need to back stab my brother in order to live then.....we are doing something wrong...