Jumping Jelly Bean

I am very big into the green movement and would like to spread the message of going green any place I can. I found this site in early May of 2009 and I have been following it every single day since I signed up.

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In less than 5 minutes you can release the feeling of being overwhelmed through a simple mental exercise.

Give yourself one day this week to do nothing but spread positive energy to others, I dare you.

You can't just say you made a decision to change, you have to let your whole spirit know you have made a decision to change, you have to allow your entire being make the decision along with your mind, then it will be an internalized decision to change that will in turn create the change you desire.

If I can change my health with the power of my intentions, then you can do the same thing with your mood, or your situation in life.

You Get Back What You Give Out

I think we need to refocus on the true nature of this site and realize that everything that happens to us in life is exactly what we expect to happen, therefore, we simply need to change our expectations.

Today was the first day that I did not flush the toilet. LOL. I know, that sounds so ridiculous! But seriously, I was watching Jay Leno the other night and Carmen Diaz was on and Jay was pestering her about how green she was and he finally asked her straight up, 'Do you flush?'.

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