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I'll be 58 in May; am a single mom of three grown children. I write about love, peace, kindness, forgiveness, healing and prayers for positive change in our world.

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The Power of Kindness

What’s so interesting is that it takes so little effort to make a real difference for other people. It’s as if the effects of our kind acts are multiplied, so what we thought was only a smile, or holding a door becomes more than the act itself.

Living in the now is an alternate way to be human. It is the opposite of the madness of deadlines and rushing to the next responsibility, which is so draining and unfulfilling. It is also the only way we can work our personal missions that we chose before birth.

Let It All Go

I wonder why so many of us disregard this principle? Our souls know. Our still, small voices whisper to us, but our ego-desire for someone or something blocks our common sense. We may have bad feelings or dreams to show us, but we ignore them.

Soul Whispers

So, it’s not that the Higher Power isn’t there for us in even the most day-to-day of ways; it’s that we’re not listening to the Higher Power. This does make me wonder if the earthquakes and floods and hurricanes and tornadoes aren’t somehow a reflection of our preoccupation with the physical world that revolves around us and our stuff—that even nature, somehow, is imitating our focus. “Wake up! It’s not about you and your stuff! There’s so much more, a wholeness. Look deeper!”

The Subject of Grace

Grace is Love applied in our lives and our world. Grace flows from the God-seed within us, ever encouraging us to show compassion and mercy to others, as we hope they will do for us. We are asked to rise above our instinct to compare ourselves to others, as we are without the capacity to make a true measurement. (If we could see how much grace has been applied to us, we would indeed be humble people.)

I hope that those who survived the earthquake can take some comfort from what I have come to believe: That their loved ones’ souls are first helped with the trauma of the way they died with a period of rest and care; then there will be a life review, a period for reflection, and help, again, with understanding the results of the actions they took during their lives.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Life really is SCHOOL yet no matter how much education we get, toward the end, we’re not asking ourselves questions about degrees and doctorates. We’re asking about how we lived: Did I make any difference? Will I be remembered? Did I keep my promises to my loved ones? Did I treat others with the respect all people are due?

The Road Home

We all know there is more—we can feel it—and we long to touch it, to see it. It’s scary to think about giving up our personalities, though, and merging with the whole. Would you still be you? Would I still be me? I used to be afraid I’d disappear in the whole but now I believe we just become better versions of ourselves. Who knows? Maybe there are stages to growing into the Light, just as there are stages of growing into who we are, here and now.

Though long an adult, William could remember the spirit of life that lived in the forest before the white men came and how everything, the growing things and the creatures all lived together in a circle of life, feeding each other and the land as they died. The spirit of life was gone. The land was decimated. William’s heart grew heavy with sadness on the journey home.

I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore

It’s not easy out there in the world. It blows my mind when I think about the pace of the 1950s ‘til now, when it seems like everything is going 20 times faster. I want every blessing for them, but they’re going to have to be flexible and creative, faith-filled and inventive to live and build families and careers in this world. It’s okay, though. I know they picked this time to be born the same as I did.

Different cultures, different religions, different appearances, different politics—it doesn’t matter. We’re all essentially the same. We have the same potential for goodness (and for evil). We have the potential for humility: Your opinion is as important to me as my own; maybe together we can figure this out. We have the potential for compassion: Your life is as important to me as my own; here, take my hand.

Sin and Success

We are clumped together by our sins and successes, if you think about it. But we are more than our mistakes and our ambitions. What if, before we were born, we did choose our parents, our lives? And, why would anyone pick a life of disease and law-breaking? Why not choose the parents who live in the huge house on top of the hill? Or parents with a huge, happy extended family?

The Talking Stick

The girls, the Troop Leader and I sat in a circle. I passed the Talking Stick around, explaining my own problem with interrupting people, and when it came back to me, I told them how Native Americans used it, that only the person holding the stick could speak, and everyone else listened closely to what the speaker said.

Flying Lessons

Follow your heart. Love who you are. It’s okay, even good, to work at being a better person, but because God is love, and we are love-cells on God’s body, we must love ourselves just as we are to become the best human being we can be. This is my most hard-won life lesson.

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