Grapevine Heroes

Here our bloggers share news of other people they have heard about through the 'grapevine' that have done good things that have caused positive change. This news could be about friends and family that a blogger wants to share stories about, or it could be news that a blogger has heard or read about in the news somewhere else in the world. Blog posts in this section are meant to inspire readers to do good themselves, but also to bring that feeling of warmth that be found in hearing about other's good deeds.
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Mental ill people will eventually be =everyone.
There are many things we are unaware of that are stored in our unconscious. Many of them come into play in our every day lives without our knowledge.
We are so afraid of trusting ourselves and making a mistake, that we ignore our inner knowing and continue in relationships and patterns just for the sake of being safe.
A essay on the realness of the world and how being good is actually the vibe of the world.


Jeremiah had to preach an unpopular message from God even if the people refused to listen.

Thank you and God bless..

A essay on the true valued people

Miracles do happen

There is a silver lining in every storm. What happened in Haiti, has touched the heart of many, images still haunt our minds, but here is a story where a child's life has been saved due to the devastating earthquake.

God is above your human father...

A simile on how religion and God is similar to your relationship with your Father...

The Intelligent child

This is the opinon of mine on the plight of intelligent people in society..

Global Concerts for Peace

As you look into the eyes of the children and ordinary people/mystics from around the world, I think you'll agree that enlightenment, for oneself and for the planet, isn't that impossible a dream, at all...
"This call for a worldwide fellowship ... is in reality a call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all mankind... I’m speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life. Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality." - Martin Luther King
You don't have to "get your act together" to start being a positive presence on the planet, a spiritual revolutionary.
Revolutionizing the Nature of Health Care
At the most desolate moment in my life, I literally looked to the ground and received all the support I needed for the rest of my life.


Americans help others because they can...

A Winner All Around

It always breaks my heart to hear how some folks will choose to look straight ahead when they know someone needs their help. This news story made me proud to ge a Yankee fan!

Thank you everyone

You're all a huge blessing to me!

You survived...Now you can thrive!

My hero wants to help

A loving tribute to Mom

She let go and let God...
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