One of my recent blog's titled, "This Story is True" tells of a young boy, who has become one of my dearest friends. 

I consider him a hero. 

Why?  He has created a site for other male sexual abuse survivors---where they can go for help.  Scot quotes:

You survived...Now you can thrive!

"Boys and men can be victims of rape and sexual assault too. You're not alone. This is about my experiences dealing with the abuse I suffered as a boy, and how I deal with the effects. I'm writing this because I want others to know it's okay to talk about it. I was a victim. Now, I'm a survivor. So are you. It wasn't my fault, and you know what? It wasn't yours either."

If you are a male survivor, or if someone you love is one and you need to know what to do for him....  

Please go to: