What would happen if tomorrow, you decided that your mission for the day was going to be that you tried to change the mood of every person you encounter?

I was at a CVS store a couple weeks ago and there was only one teller so there was a pretty long line. I wasn't in a rush, but the lady behind me was. She was dressed up like she was just getting home from work. The person at the front of the line had coupons that weren't going through and the longer she stayed there, the more ancy the lady behind me became.

Another teller then finally opened up and it was my turn in line. Happily, I turned to the lady behind me and insisted that she go ahead of me. She thanked me and moved on to the open teller. The coupon lady was still there and I moved on to the open teller when the ancy lady was finished. When I got to the teller the attendant was smiling. I said, "Why are you smiling?" She told me it was because the lady who was just there told her that she came in in such a bad mood, but that everyone was being so nice to her and it made her smile, the first time she had smiled all day!


So my simple act of kindness, and the good mood of the teller, may have totally changed that lady's mood for the day.

Imagine if you spent an entire day just being nice to people, going out of your way to be nice people. Ask everyone you come in contact with how their day is going, how their life is going, and really listen to them, empathize with them, and if they are down, lend them some of your good energy. The amazing thing is, by lending some of your good energy to others, you don't lose your good energy, you actually gain more of it!

So I dare you, all of you, anyone reading this post. This week, pick a day, any day, and forget about yourself and spread positive energy to others. It doesn't matter if you are working, you have co-workers don't you? It doesn't matter if you are in school, or even if you are at home alone. Call a friend, go to the store, go anywhere people may be, and spread some positive energy. I think you will be shocked at how good it makes you feel... and you want to feel good... don't you?

PS - This same dare applies to animals. Pet your pet every chance you get. Love it, it will show you how true it is that you get back what you give out. The more you pet your dog, the more your dog will love you!