Irish McKilligan

I began writing as a young teenager to relieve myself of the many woes that had gone on in my life since birth, some of them unbeknownst to me at the time. My need to purge myself in written words turned into poetry and a love of writing in general. While writing is very cathartic, I have the gift of keen insight into others lives which I'm sure is due to volume of "life" I have lived and witnessed. It is my hope that my voice finds its audience while sharing my journey.

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Do you have a relative that doesn't claim you... or anyone in the family? I've got one and it's ridiculous.

Dinosaur Summer School

Summer college classes are a unique challenge for your schedule and your brain.

Reunions are something you love and hate and the same time.

Dinosaur Debts

Well financial aid is a mystery I've yet to unravel and the rules seem to change every semester; this semester being no exception.

It's been a nasty couple of semesters, both in and out of school.

Dinoaur Breath

Seems like that could smell really rotten and foul... or it could be a sign that you're breathing or maybe you need to breathe...

Dinosaur Discouraged

Ever feel like you're getting nowhere & no one is behind you pushing you to get there?

Dinosaur Regrets

Did you ever think Murphy was not only related to you but following you around? Perhaps the ancient Greek gods have cursed you.... and that a simple vacation is not going to do the trick. Have you addressed your complaint and the receiver is only interested assigning blame? Where are the results oriented people? Where are the results? I'm afraid to look or ask this week.

Dinosaur Sick: Slow Start

There's nothing like starting off the semester with a 'poof' instead of a bang.

Dinosaur University

So the fall semester is starting and I'm going to be a writing tutor. Fun, Exciting and Scary.

Dinosaur in College: online drive

I'm half way through my first online course and its better ...and worse, than I expected.

Advising mishaps, fast track courses, a lay off, a move, a transfer and a stalker.

A two year drought followed by a flood of snow. It's time to plan my second semester in college.

The Dinosaur in College

After years of successfully contracting, the market dropped out and so did my employability. I returned to college to get my degree so I would never have to hear "no degree, no job" again.

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