Dinosaur University
By Irish McKilligan
Published on 08/21/2010
So the fall semester is starting and I'm going to be a writing tutor. Fun, Exciting and Scary.

Well, you wouldn't know it by the weather, but the fall semester is upon us.  People are buying their back-to-school technology, books, pencils and clothing.  I'm trying to find a new laptop I can afford that has the features I want and discovering (as most people do), that I have a beer budget and champaigne taste.  Such is life.

I've also got a bit of the doll-drums (is that how you spell it?) after relocating, getting set up at University, finding a couple of part time gigs and so forth.

However, one bright spot was my recent training to become a tutor in the writing lab.  I have to say, regardless of the classes I've been in or the college, the students really amaze me.  I'm wondering why I can't work with these bright stars at work???  It would help A LOT!!  In the meantime, we had a full day of meetings and speakers discussing the ins and outs of tutoring, what to expect, and the ever-important role of a tutor.

It was surprising and relieving to learn that tutor's job in the writing lab is not to teach, but to guide.  They are to help you find your your own voice and improve your writing skills.  I can definately understand why people might think the writing lab is suppose to write for you, that would certainly be easier on everyone.  Imagine that, just hand them your topic and maybe a rough draft and then pick up a fantastic paper... voila! 

Instead, however, we will be met with a variety of students and a variety of needs and do our best to help them improve their writing skills, and thereby their writing.  It's going to be interesting, but its always good to be needed and wonderful to be sitting in a room full of witty, intelligent people!