The Dinosaur in College: Advising Mishaps and Summer Sessions
By Irish McKilligan
Published on 04/15/2010
Advising mishaps, fast track courses, a lay off, a move, a transfer and a stalker.

Well, I've taken "fast track" courses this fall.  You take a course 4 nights a week for 3 hours a night and you're done in a month.  It's concentrated, you don't have time for much else... especially if you are working full time. 

I'm finished 3 of 4 I started for the semester.  Unfortunately, I went to  double check classes in preparation for transferring to the University of Texas in the fall.... and.... well, .... to my dismay and horrifying surprise it would seem that the last 12 advisors missed a critical component, which is a degree audit. 

This takes weeks and, to add insult to injury, I was directed to take a course I' don't need and told not to take several  courses I do need.  Wonderful.

So, I planned to take 2 courses over the summer.  Instead, I need 6 to 8 courses before I can transfer to University.  Talk about a budget gap and missing the deadline.   Still, I persist

I had finally found the perfect job only to get laid off after two months.  I was exhausted working and going to school full time, and then there's the messy business of a stalker.  Some idiot I dated for half a second, who turned out to be extremely underwhelming managed to repeatedly, successfully break into my apartment and commit a range of deranged acts.  I've learned that knowing something and proving something are minor, but important distinctions.  

I put the pieces of the puzzle together and I relocated with family.  Onward I press in my journey for higher education with my little dog none the worse for wear. Talk about homework!  

So, my degree plan has adjusted quite a bit and I've transferred to the University earlier than planned.  And, the irony is that the direction at the 4 year campus is no better than at the 2 year campus.  Repeated visits to various offices because they didn't get my updates and don't get me started on financial aid.  

It's been an overwhelming semester to say the least, but I managed to get at least 9 hours in with all A's.  Whew.  I'm about to start a summer course I'm happy to report.  I'm also happy to report that 10 or so visits to the new campus has resulted in learning that I will receive an increased Pell Grant, a University Grant, a scholarship in addition to my financial loans.  Hallelujah and pass the peas! 

I've had some good interviews and I hope to be working by August in at least a part time capacity.  If this particular job works out, it will be a tremendous learning experience and a delight to have the job!  

As for the new location with family, well it's nice to have family around regularly. It's nice to have the support of my loyal friends and its wonderful to be studying.  After the move, the break in and the mess with my courses... I think I'm back on track.  Studying will no doubt seem like a breeze after all that activity.

Now, who is going to take me to dinner??  PF Changs' anyone?  Anyone?