Going Green

Doing good things to change for the better isn't all about people, it's also about the earth. What have you done today, or what do you think others should be doing to help the world get green. All posts in this section are related to the 'going green' movement.
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~Edible Flowers~

Did you know that there are some flowers that are edible?

The Joy of a Greenhouse

I recently struck a deal with a good neighbor, the idea that yes -he would give me a greenhouse for free, and all I had to do was take it out of his yard....hmmm


As we move through life, the years passing by - we need to take inventory of our good side and our bad side. And yes, we all have two sides, and we all have the power to change....

~Pollination~Where are the bees?~

How will the Almond Trees get Pollinated b ?
come on people make a difference!make the environment happy :)


hi Friends...
Alberta is a beautiful place. How many AMERICAN tourists have travelled to our rockies, or the north country. Even a visit to the Tarsands is pleasant and worthwhile. Don't let anyone tell you different!!

~Pros andCons of Development~

Development and expropriation has its pros and its cons

~Summer Comming to An End~

~And we get out of it whatever we put into it ~

My Recycling Story

Anyway .... So somewhere between my kids being toddlers and teens I got lost. I stopped recycling. I did not have "time" to go by the recycling center or drop the stuff off at the store that had all those huge recycling bins there. Yeah I know excuses excuses but nonetheless I did stop. So about a month ago I woke up from my selfish daze and decided to give it a try again - well especially since my hubby has all this energy and is perfectly happy to go do the dumping! : ) Lucky me!


Syncrude has taken giant steps to make sure that an incident like the one of April 2008 - does not happen again. But consider that there is more carnage on the road than what happened to waterfowl on the tailings pond back in 2008...

Stop the Real Crime

The way that we live in this country is without any regard. If the electricity was shut off nation wide and there was no gas and all the major highways were shut down what would you do?

~Trying To Be Creative~

Im just trying to be creative ~ but i better stop here~

Safe Cleanser Recipe

A safe, non toxic cleanser to use for household chores that cleans good, smells great and is extremely economical, pennies per bottle.

Please don't litter

Please don't litter

Get to know what is in your own backyard

But my eyes really opened when I started to take calls at work from concerned citizens. I discovered a quiet area that someone put up a rope swing and you were able to sit on fallen trees. Do you think those people really appreciate what they have right in their own backyard? I bet you they will once they put the highway through it and reflect on what they once had right in their own backyard.

The Real Green Hope

They are the leaders, we are the leaders, and we must all be more bold in spreading the positive word and influencing others, whether our neighbor or our president, preferably both.

Grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags.

Cleaning dishes

Save time!!

Can we afford to Go Green?

Whilst I find the ideas that encourage us to Go Green, are good ones.......
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