tomorrow the worlds diplomats meet in cancun to continue discussions on climate change reform. the time for discussion has long gone. it is time for action now. global warming and its consequences are already being felt. the earths sea levels are rising, its glaciers are melting, flooding is increasing, drougths are getting longer.

WE NEED ACTION. we need leadership particularly from the industrialised northern countries who are the worlds worst polluters. We cannot tell the Global South not to develop econimically ; just because it will increase pollution. we need to offer incentives for the Third World not to develop as we have.The consequences of further industrialisation of the world would be disastorous china brazil india etc want to develop want to become big players internationally.

so what is to be done?investment in alternative energy resources such as wind solar electrical must be priortiesed. taxation of co2 emissions, cap systems and tariffs must be handed out by governments in order to stabilise the situation. the industrial military complex must be shifted to fighting the real enemy climate change. we can do it but only if we think and act as one!!

it is one world people so embrace it.we all must take a stand each individual. i want to leave future generations a place worth living in and not a cesspit of environmental castrophe.
come on people make a difference. make the environment happy!!:)