To see the world.. in a grain of sand ☺

i think therefore i am. i have had a rich and varied past full of suprises, joys and pains. my goal is not to be perfect; but to accept myself warths and all. if one does not love oneself then all is chaos. currently i am a full time volunteer spending my days helping others who are on the fringes of society. my soul needs to be centred to maximise the goodness i can spread to people. i want my own comfort in order to offer comfort to others. dear blog be my guide ♥ dear thoughts be my guardian☼

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come on people make a difference!make the environment happy :)

enjoy your life people (accept the speed bumps along the way)

people do care, whether you lose touch with friends or simple move on..people still care about you

..cause only in challenging ourselves to do better or in taking a leap into the unknown can we truely grow..

goodbye apathy hello humanity.

i saw clew bay. i saw the world as one big opportunity

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