sitting here with a cup of tea on the p.c in a darkened room. all the world is outside waiting to be embraced. pronasticating on applying for postgraduate masters programmes. i have been talking about if for weeks but as of now my words have not become actions.

I look back over the last few months of voluntary work and i smile. i have done good things for people, fed my soul and the souls of others with compassion and support. job done.

maybe its time i did something for myself. by applying for this postgrads. i will be saying 'yes' to further learning, yes to further training yes to a life of increased possibilities including the knowledge that afterwards i will be in the position to help more people in a more progressive and positive manner.

so yes yes yes..godspeed me and all those who take iniative in furthering themselves...cause only in challenging ourselves to do better or in taking  a leap into the unknown can we grow good luck to all those who take that step!

wish me luck