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Have Faith

I am sure at one time or another you have either been told or told by someone to have faith. This is not always an easy task. When the world around you is falling apart it can be difficult to say to yourself, “ In time I’m going to understand why this happened and how it is for my greater good.”

There is really only one place to look for love and that is inside of yourself, once you have done that you can share it with someone else.

Have you been struggling with forgiveness? Has someone hurt you so deeply that you’ve carried it with you for a very long time? Learning more about our karmic lessons can help us to achieve something we have never been able to achieve before, total forgiveness. It give us an understanding that we never thought possible.

Becoming spiritual and enlightened isn't about becoming perfect, it is about coming into yourself. It is about feeling and seeing your humanness and accepting it, therefore giving yourself the ability to accept it in someone else. When this happens your whole world starts to look and feel different.

There are many things we are unaware of that are stored in our unconscious. Many of them come into play in our every day lives without our knowledge.

We are so afraid of trusting ourselves and making a mistake, that we ignore our inner knowing and continue in relationships and patterns just for the sake of being safe.

How many times in your life have you cut and run from relationships or situations that made you uncomfortable? How many times have you blamed someone else for how you feel? We should be grateful for these situations, but yet we do everything we can to avoid them and get away from them as quickly as we can.

It is important to know that mind created ego. So the mind will do what ever it can to preserve it's creation. Much the same as a parent taking care of their child. This is why the ego is so stubbornly lodged.

Intuition and Intention

We’ve all heard it before, “Why didn’t I see that coming?” To see it coming you have to be in tune and to be in tune, you have to be focused.

Creativity and Rejection

You may say, “ I want to make money by using my talents and creations,” but I say, if you are doing something you love then you would do it whether you made any money doing it or not. While you are looking for the approval of others you will find you have lost your own. All of your faith in your natural talent and gifts will evaporate.

What Kind of Giver are you?

What Kind of Giver Are You? It is so important to recognize all the ways in which people are able to give. Often times people feel that they don't have much to give because they aren't overly wealthy. This just isn’t true. Many of the natural talents we possess are worth as much or more than the dinner tab. You do have something to give to others. At a minimum, you can always give effort. Most people will recognize and appreciate that.  There are many different types of givers. You probably see a mix of these personality types in your own life. When you read these you will likely recognize where you or your friends and family fall within these categories. The fixer - There are those who can fix absolutely everything and if you are lucky enough to have a fixer in your life you know just how great they can be. When they come to visit, they hang pictures, repair holes in your walls, paint, take care of any household repair, and complete any task you put in front of them. You don't have to call 3-4 professionals because you can always count on your fixer. The giver - For lack of a better word there is no other way to describe the giver. They give you the last bite, their bed, their jacket if you are chilled. There is literally nothing that they won’t give to you including the shirt off their back. They spend their days searching and looking for an opportunity to give. They are unhappy if they are unable to give. The helper - The helper loves to give their time. On a close level, they do laundry, cook meals, clean, run errands, and anything that is on your to-do list. On a less familiar level, they introduce you to new people, show you around the town, and make an effort to make you feel comfortable. The helper always has time for your needs and helps out because they like you.  The planner - The planner often times gets overlooked. This little gem looks for opportunities to show you a good time. They find the seats, the restaurants, the best breakfast in town, the great tours, and all the special little spots you may well have missed if it were not for their expert care. They thrive on your entertainment and enjoyment. They want to make your time together memorable and special. The manfester - The manifester is the master of getting what they desire. They can turn just about anything into gold. They buy properties, invest in opportunities, and have a nose for sniffing out wealth. The manifester has the ability to give on every level, but most see the manifester as a financial giver. Others can only give at the level in which their talent or expertise lies. The manifester gives by teaching others and showing the potential of what is attainable.  The lover - The lover lives to love. They massage your back, hold your hand when you can’t sleep, offer the kind words, and support you when you need them the most. They look for ways to let you know how much you mean to them. They notice your new hair style, the 5 pounds you lost, and your new outfit. They can’t resist noticing every good thing about you. They feel good by making others feel good around them. The believer - The believer is invested in your dreams. They help make them a reality in any way they can. They speak highly of you, promote you, and see your success so clearly that it makes you feel stronger. They are invested in your life. Your victories are like their own. They are your biggest and best fans. They will go out of their way to seize an opportunity for you at all costs. The organizer - The organizer is a master at keeping things in order. They reorganize your cabinets, clean out the garages, put things in tupperware containers, and make everything easy to find. They make lists and schedule repairs so everything is in perfect working order. They give in the short-term so things stay on track for the long-term. They believe in efficiency and they give their time to make life less chaotic. I think you get the idea. We are all givers in one way or another. The important thing is to find out what kind of giver you are. Now, this will likely change depending on the company you keep. Sometimes you assume different roles depending on who you are with. It is important to recognize these roles. Your needs will change depending on the people you hang out with. You can go from planner one weekend, to helper, to organizer. The message here is simple: You do have the ability to give in some way. Giving can set off a chain reaction of more giving, and then receiving, and more giving. Giving is contagious. The more people who experience it, the more people will offer it to others.  On a final note, there are two precautions to be aware of when it comes to giving. First, giving should never be expected or forced upon anyone. In the end the your willingness to give will add more wealth, more joy, and more meaning to your life. Second, be careful to give for the right reasons. Make sure you are not simply giving to boost your ego. Give to help the man, not be the man. It doesn't matter if you donated the money to build the soup kitchen or if you are volunteering in it. Both are equally important and necessary.  

Think you may be a Victim?

It’s hard to admit that you may be a victim especially when you work so hard at doing the right things and being a good person.

Spinal Breathing Part Three

Remember this is a cumulative meditation and it could take months or even years before the full affects of it are achieved.

Spinal Breathing Part Two

If you read the first blog on spinal breathing and have been practicing it for a few weeks it is now time to add to the practice.

Samyama is a gentle process that reduces resistance therefore increasing your ability to manifest. Sometimes wanting something really bad can have the opposite results you are hoping for.

I'm Sorry

What does it mean to be sorry? Being sorry means not having to say it again for the same thing. Sounds like a tough thing to do, but real remorse demands change.

Clinging to Life

Many of us spend much of our time clinging to life. Even those of us who believe life is eternal still can’t get beyond the idea that we must do something to preserve or prolong it. What if our own end was already decided?

Spinal Breathing Part One

If you would like a meditation practice that takes only 5 minutes twice a day that can open your awareness to higher level then spinal breathing may be for you.

Drop the Ego, Drop the Conflict

Many new age book we are reading are all telling us to drop our egos. They give us all kinds of practices and exercises to make us more loving, kind, and less reactive. The harder we try to perfect ourselves the more aware we become of our imperfections.

The most enjoyable people to spend time around are the ones who have the ability to be authentic. It seems like it is easy for them to do, but is it really? To be authentic you have to be extremely vulnerable and that is not easy to do.

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