If you would like a meditation practice that takes only 5 minutes twice a day that can open your awareness to higher level then spinal breathing may be for you. Spinal breathing is an ancient technique that requires nothing more than our mental focus and five minutes of our time. Lay down in a quiet comfortable place and close your eyes and imagine a highway of consciousness running from your perineum to your center of your third eye. With your will and your imagination start to travel up from the base with each deep breath in and out that you take. Move up the highway as though it were a road your were traveling. Stop and look around and feel as you travel up towards your third eye. You may experience some past memories or sensations that alert you to blocks in your spinal highway as you are traveling. Do not try to clear them or force them open, just glide by and continue your accent upwards to your third eye. When you reach the top project your energy out through the third eye as far as you can imagine. Then bring the energy back in through the third eye and travel back down through your highway to the base of your perineum. Once you reach the bottom project your energy out down through your feet and into the earth as far as you can imagine and root yourself deeply into the earth. Normally in five minutes time you can do this procedure twice. It is important to do it once in the morning and once at night. After you complete the spinal breathing take your attention off of the technique and go into a relaxed meditative state for another five to ten minutes. This is an important step that should not be skipped. What can you expect over time? It could take weeks, months, or even years, but the results will be profound. You will have experiences, gain understandings about yourself, and eventually reach full enlightenment through this practice. Staying with it is the key and having the fortitude to continue the practice. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in psychic experiences that you may have along the way. The idea of the practice is to open and cleanse your highway to higher consciousness and not to revel in telepathy, remote viewing, communication with other energies, or any other situations that arise as you open up. Through this process you can reach your highest potential and know yourself as the creator you were meant to be. By removing blocks and opening your consciousness you will be able to express yourself at your highest level of potential. Enjoy the journey as you discover the vast intelligence that lives with in you and begin to wake up your consciousness and share your gifts with the world.