Even if you aren't a member of Blog4Change.org you can still feel part of the community by keeping track of the posts you've read on this site that you don't want to forget. These could be articles that really reached you, really moved you, or really changed your perspective. Or they could be articles that you want to keep track of because you are following the discussion going on in the article comments section.

How to Add to Favorites:
In the right column of each blog post page there is a menu panel titled 'Article Options'. In this menu panel you can click the 'Add to Favorites' link, which automatically adds that article to this page. If you would like to remove the article from your favorites list you will go to the post you would like to remove and in the 'Article Options' menu panel click the 'Remove from Favorites' link. Below is your list, if you see nothing below than you have not added anything to this list yet.

Note: In order to keep this feature available to non-members this list is based off cookies. Be aware that if you clear your cookies in the future this list will be erased.