I drove home tonight with the windows rolled down.

I cupped my hand into the wind and felt the cool resistance of the evening air pushing against my arm, my hand riding unseen waves.

And it felt good.

It reminded me of being a little girl, riding in the truck with my mom and brother, and how I got to sit by the door because I was older, and how much I loved to stick my hand out the window…

I spent most of the trip home with my hand in the air, smiling, feeling, remembering what it’s like to be lost in the moment, doing something for no reason other than the sheer pleasure of it. 

Like I did when I was small.

When we could still do things simply because they felt good.

Back before we had to have a reason for everything.  Before every action was to achieve a goal.  And before we believed that doing something solely to experience joy was wrong.

Back when our innocence was still alive and playing.

Roll down your window, close your eyes and let your inner child fly free.  Remember the simple joys in life, and let your soul smile. 

Like you did when you were a kid. 

It’ll feel good.