Living the same routine everyday,one day identical to the next tends to leave you feeling unhappy, and unfulfilled. Although you may want to, you feel that it's hard to make changes when you are used to doing things the same way everyday.

It’s easier than you think to free yourself from the same routine of life. You need to first unlock the lock on the part of your brain that resists change. YOU have the key to unlock your days of doldrum.

YOU create your day.

·Pack a dinner, grab a blanket, and take the family to the park, eat under a tree instead of at the kitchen table.If you're single pack your dinner, and maybe add enough for two, you never know! :::wink::::

·Take a book, magazine, your Bible, sit by a lake, ocean, stream, or sit in your local book store. Any serene spot you can find, will do. On your way home from work, drive your car right to the place you find most serene, and spend even 10 minutes there.

·Call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.Someone that's been on your mind. You will not only change your day, you will change theirs.

·Take that basket of laundry, and a blanket, sit outdoors and fold the clothes,or instead of the usual spot, go by a window, and listening to the chirping of the birds while you fold.

·After dinner, take a walk around the block, you would be surprised how many people you meet walking. Get to meet your neighbors, don't just say hello, go further, "How are you doing," " I live right around the corner, down the road up the street, my name is ....." "Have you lived here long?" believe it or not most likely that person may be looking for change as much as you are.

I believe it's the simple things in life that mean the most, and taking time to add those moments to your day will help change your life. Change may not always seem easy, but if you take baby steps it can be. Do one thing this week, another next week. Making simple changes can enlighten your days and push the boredom out.

Please share any ideas you have done in your life to change your daily routine, that has made a difference.