Charity Work

Have you done any charity work lately that you want to blog about and share with others in hopes of inspiring them to do charity work of their own? Or do you know about charity work that others may not have thought about that you think you can share to let them know what is out there? This is the place for all blog posts related to charity work.
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Satan moves with the times ..too..

a essay about the evil one..
Travel in Central America, volunteer work in central America, Guatemala, working with animals, travel, indigenous traditions, humanitarian work.

It's like we are in hell on earth..

Poem about how reproducing is key for life..

I did it!!! I lived my dream....

My dream was to always teach English to children in a foreign country... and you know what I FINALLY DID IT at 51 years old...

30h Famine

My first way to start change in the world.

Stop the mystery

The truth has to be told .. if not then your lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunshine and GLORY reveals stories penned for NOTEBOOKS...
Hello! On Monday 22nd Feb 2010, I will be turning 23. I already have everything that I have ever wanted, so instead of asking for presents, I’m asking everyone I know to donate to a cause I am passionate about – Charity: Water.

Forgotten Blessing

"Be faithful and listen to your heart. You have blessed many in the past and you shall bless again at this time."


Do you want to improve the lives of children in Africa affected by HIV/AIDS through the advocacy of better education, health facilities and food?


Usually I'm a Person of Many WORDS(the Writer in me)but Today I Have ONLY ONE...DONATE!

Text your donation to Haiti

I work for a Wireless Factory, I took this job for less pay and greater reward. Yesterday i worked with the Salvation Army to set up the ability for donors to text the word HAITI to 52000 and donate $10.00 on their cell phone bill.

Haiti Relief

What's $10 to you? What's $10 to a Haitian family who just lost everything?

10 Months, 25 Days

It's been a little over a month since my husband has left for his deployment to Afghanistan. I hear from him once a week or so and though I know he is doing good, every wife worries. To keep myself busy and to help forget about the worrying, I've taken it upon myself to start a project.

helping out

I'm signing my self up for the children hospital help

Giving Back

...and feeling good.

the mission

first mission and I'll be sent of to Jamaica :)

A Little Bir More

The more on me and how you can help to!

The Difference We can Make

Our lives are touched by those around us and our interactions with them

Appreciating what we have

The strength and courage of those who are ill
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