Do you want to save tomorrow or know someone who does?

Do you want to improve the lives of children in Africa affected by HIV/AIDS through the advocacy of better education, health facilities and food?

Please contact. Saving Tomorrow-!!!!!!!

Saving Tomorrow –is a project proposed to support individual transformation of vulnerable and orphaned children in Africa starting with Zimbabwe? (One step at a time)


Do you have the love and passion to help children in Africa?

Do you see African children as leaders of tomorrow?

Do you believe in better health, food and education for Children in Africa?

Do you want to help orphanage children in Africa?

Do you want to give hope to children in Africa affected by HIV?

If you want to be part of Saving Tomorrow – please contact Saving Tomorrow-!!!!!!!

This will be a great opportunity to show how the African Diaspora with the support from home (Africa)can come together to extend care and hope to African children and pride them as leaders of tomorrow regardless of diversity cultures.

The project requires your support please Join us as the Bridge to leaders of tomorrow by using our talents, skills and expertise as:

Volunteers, Ministers, Fund raisers, Sponsors, Designers,Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Business Leaders, International Project Managers, College Professors, Doctors , Wholesalers, Nurses,Lawyers…..Stars In all Talents! - With the willing heart! are also welcome.

To be part of saving tomorrow please contact:

Saving Tomorrow project

Belinda R. Sakupwanya