Finding Strength

I am a woman who has dealt with some hardships in life. I just wanted to share my journey to the light with those willing to listen to my story. I hope you all enjoy.

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Two years have passed since my last blog. I have much to blog about. I will begin shortly, but first, a thank you to this wonderful blogging community.

I never thought the day would come when I could recognize what I had been through in another person.

How many times do we think WRONG?

My doctor saved my Life

how precious our lives are. Don't take for granted what you have

The Ultra sound technician

I can not fathom the strength you would need to be one and here is the reason why.

Deciding what to change first

When life is handing you lemons constantly and you need a change, How do you decide what to change first? This post will hopefully help you decide.

A much needed break

Taking time for yourself

Learning through example

who knew a budget could be so important!

more story

Returning the favor

Helping out when I can

more story

A deeper sorrow

Coming out of the dark

Part 2 of Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting Rock Bottom

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