Finding Strength; a Journey to the light 6
By Finding Strength
Published on 06/17/2009
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I continued to go to the group sessions and I became really close to the other members. It was amazing and we were able to all connect really well.  I was able to overcome quite a few of the things I was dealing with. I have not completely overcome it all but I am working on it.

Change is hard. It brings on many stresses and things become all mushed together and it is hard to pull them all apart and deal with them one at a time. I found myself trying to deal with the whole Mushy mess and when I finally got help I was able to pull out one problem from the mushy mess and solve it to the best of my ability and move on to the next problem. Within about 6 months I had organized my mushy mess and had put some of my issues to rest. It was much easier to go about my life doing what I could to solve those problems. I found myself wanting to do better each day, I found myself yearning to find out who I really am and working hard to get there. I am still not there but I am continually working on it. I have had my setbacks. It is a hard thing to do. I recently returned to my counselor because I had let my problems become mush and needed a reminder that I could take each problem one at a time and work on them until the mush became organized.

I don't feel like I am ever going to be at 100 percent right now but I will continually work towards it.

I have not mentioned everything that has happened to me in these blogs but the major ones I have. Time will heal all they say.....Sometimes it takes a lot of work and you still have the scars and sometimes in the storms of life those scars will ache.....I am glad I have been able to work through the trials of my life and I wouldn't change the things that happened to me because they made me who I am today. I am so thankful for that.

I hope you all enjoyed reading. I will continue to blog here. I really enjoy it.

Finding Strength