So recently a friend challenged me to write down every penny we spend. Well I thought it a little silly but I said that I would do it. I went home that night and wrote down every penny I spent that day and what I spent it on. I have done it every day since. It has only been two weeks since that night and I have looked at the book and wondered how in the world we spend that much money! It is a real eye opener.

I have realized that we spend way too much and I need to figure out where we can cut back. I am finding this all very overwhelming right now and I feel like I have failed. However I am going to work through it and come up with a budget and cut back what we don't absolutely need.

I just wanted to share with you this change in my life. I am totally aware now.

If you have no idea what you are spending you should give this a is quite the eye opener. I am going to continue to do this for another month and then come up with a budget and figure out where I can cut back. Good luck to you all!