Tender Heart

I need to talk, and share, and want to reach out to others. I'd like this to become a personal journal, for me to unload the burdens I currently carry, and also to express my most heartfelt thoughts.

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A New Year--A New Start

Sometimes the road is tough, but we can do it. All we have to do is try...


I wish you all a most wonderful Christmas holiday... God does provide!

Time is the great healer

I'm counting the days...

Thank you everyone

You're all a huge blessing to me!

I must go on and live each day....

It's hard, but I will try...

How does the heart stop hurting?

Are we all so afraid?

....This is for all the lonely people..."

You survived...Now you can thrive!

My hero wants to help

God provides even better than we could ask.

A loving tribute to Mom

She let go and let God...

When we love someone, it stays deep in the heart.

Today is my birthday

How does the heart let go?

Blogging is my way to heal

I am passionate about life---because I'm still learning!

He's the director of a battered women's shelter called "Safety House".

This Story is True

Once he was a little boy.

10 Blessed Truths

Wonderful things to ponder...

God is always there.

Being kind to others can go a long way to heal a broken heart.

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