I've often thought how wonderful a world this would be if everyone would simply smile at a stranger they see every day.  Can you imagine if thousands of people did that daily? 
Just yesterday while I was out at the grocery store, I found myself smiling at people I didn't know, but when they returned the smile, it really felt good!
And I think, too, that everyone has good days and bad days...There are those who hide their feelings from others, because they are hurting so bad.  It's up to us, then, to express kindness, be it words or gestures or deeds.
We all need love.  We all need to feel we belong...somewhere.  We all need acceptance and to feel appreciated.  And you know what, we all need someone who cares...And that, my friends, is what we can do...We can truly care for the lives we touch each day and make that difference that means so much.