Spiritoftheraven Dancer

Free Spirited and Creative artist, who loves most of all animals, nature,hiking, beaches and beautiful meadows. Loves music and to read. Marine Naturalist and Holistic Health Counselor, feels true change begins from within ourselves. Loves to take beach walks, hiking, photography, photo shop geke... quiet moments..

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Travel in Central America, volunteer work in central America, Guatemala, working with animals, travel, indigenous traditions, humanitarian work.

The Language of Healing

The language of healing is a positive healing modality. Through positive affirmations and intentions we create a profound effect on healing ourselves, thus healing mother earth. Also, for those who do healing work, it is a way of assisting others to heal in a positive way.

The Healing Power of Nature

Flowers are so bright and joyful... Colors are lively Sunshine warms my heart and soul Birds Singing..... Eagles Soaring overhead

Spring Power

The power of spring and new beginnings.. Manifestation of all your desires and dreams take hold... Paying attention to the subtle things... gratitude for your breath... literally stop and observe... the flowers, the tree's coming alive.

The healing power of collective positive energy is another way in addition to our pocketbooks to help create mass healing in the wake of the Earthquake in Haiti

Animals have always inspired me, I listen to their ways. I live amongst Bald Eagles and Ravens and many others.. they continue to inspire me all the time

Prosperous Heart

Heart Energy True Prosperity Love heal your heart

empowerment healling keep on going perserverance personal power surviving

unconditional hugging love friends opening your heart

Sometimes Good comes out of the bad hope and gratitude being taken care of

Thankful for all the Abundance Prosperity for the Planet

Gratitude Journal

With Gratitude I am Grateful for every breath I take

Awakening your true self Trust your own instinct

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