Sending Energy Healing to Haiti
By Spiritoftheraven Dancer
Published on 01/15/2010
The healing power of collective positive energy is another way in addition to our pocketbooks to help create mass healing in the wake of the Earthquake in Haiti


In the wake of the recent earthquake in Haiti, not only do the people need monetary help, they could all use some global prayer.  With the intention of sending loving and healing energy to help all of those in rebuilding what has been lost.  So often everyone focuses on the disaster aspect of these type of events.  You see even in the media, it completely monopolizes every minute of television and news.  I feel in addition to all of helping by donating food, medicine, and money, that collective prayer is essential in helping them heal.  I hope we can all gather as a mass collective of energy beings and send positive prayer and love to the country, the people and those Haitian Americans who have lost loved ones .  I imagine gold light over Haiti, bringing them everything they need to help them get through this.  So, with intention I am asking all of you to focus on some positive love and healing to send in your own way.  Along with that I am declaring that I will also donate some $$$ and send them the power of love and healing so that they will rebuild their lives..  When it comes right down to it, we are an abundant universe and there is no reason that anyone should go without.

Love and blessings to all.