Give a Hug today, to your Animal, Friend, family or Yourself
By Spiritoftheraven Dancer
Published on 12/14/2009
unconditional hugging love friends opening your heart

I have found that hugs are extremely healing.  Once I was in a Holistic Health course and we made a practice at the beginning of a class and at the closure to always hug everyone.  Touch is so important for our health and our soul.  Hugging your animal is also very healing.  Feeling the warmth of their fur, the kiss on your hand is magical to me.  Hugging brings us close and makes us feel loved and also brings joy to extend that love.  Even hugging yourself and honoring yourself... loving yourself enough to give yourself a hug. So today Hug a stranger, or those in your family group. Hug your Pets, your kids.. Always remember to give a hug and not to be afraid to ask for one.  It heals our spirit, our soul and our body.