Awhile back a friend of mine asked me to join her in creating a Gratitude Journal. My friend lives overseas, so the goal was for 30 days straight, we would write down in a journal of everything we were grateful for. After 30 days we would share our thoughts and experience about doing this project.  The idea behind this is, the more you feel gratitude and express it, the more blessings you will have.  I know that many of us sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses as we have busy lives that give us very little time to breathe.  Have you ever felt that days go by and you just begin to assume something is there, such as a fallen leaf, a unique shaped cloud, a bird flying overhead.  All these things seem so much a part of our daily lives, that we begin to assume they will always be there.

I had already been logging my gratitude in a journal, yet I was not keeping up with it. So this idea really sparked a twinkle in my eye and it really does work.  I began to journal even the smallest things, such as "Today I am grateful for the yellow flower that makes me smile, or I am grateful for the kindness of a stranger. I began to notice a shift in everyone around me, and paid attention to all the subtle in nature, that so often go without notice. So, today I recommend that everyone start a gratitude journal. This can even be a continuing blog if you would like it to be so.  I will begin it.

Today I am grateful for the soft clouds that lie overhead.
I am grateful for the warm cup of coffee that I am drinking
I am grateful for the animals that allow me to be their caregiver
I am grateful for the water I have to take care of the plants
I am grateful for the leaves that are falling, so the new can come in.
I am grateful for the creativity that flows within me
I am grateful for the gift of inspiration that comes to me today
I am grateful for my talents and to be able to share them
I am grateful for the warm water of the shower that soothes my body.
I am grateful for everything I eat today
And most of all I am grateful to be able to share this with all of you.

Peace and  Blessings,