Anita Dpacifichi

I am a 62 year old woman. I have lived all kinds of experiences and now is time for me to take those experiences to a new level.

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Day 45

my reaction to the oil spill

My Personal Opinion

just a response to the 'craziness'


let me know what motivates me

More in the Life of....

an added bit to my blog of yesterday

One Day in the Life of...

the voice of bloggging

Health Care

Some questions I have about this national debate

Review and Renew

A look at past posts.

Thank You

peace sign

Journey Without Destination

This is my story of our journey into consciousness

I Call it Gardening

This addresses the idea of continuing our search and vision.

The Cliff of my Mind

A journal entry, maybe a prose poem, just some thoughts

One Step to a Dream

Some thoughts about this site and all of our dreams becoming realities

Living One Year at a Time

This is some thoughts about our conditioning and how we relive our past.

A Meeting in the Park

Some thoughts on the power of prayer

One Idea at a Time

This is a journal entry about our connection and the experience of changing the world.

Part of the Problem II

A continuation to earlier post "I am Part of the Problem"

I Am Part of the Problem

This is a challenge to myself to find solutions rather than problems

Starting Today

This is an introduction to my experience of blogging

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