It's been awhile since I wrote.  There are always many reasons why something might get left undone.  And there is value is looking at those reasons.  But there is also a time when it is better to simply pick up where you left off and go forward.

What I have discovered in my life is that when I restart something I haven't actually lost time in completing it but gained more insight or found a different way to approach it.  I think this is a process we all face as we change.  We progress for awhile and then hit a wall.  Old habit may come back or something gets in our way.  Sometimes we become conflicted with our judgement and forget that winter is a valuable season.  We may need to draw within and rest, let the idea or change lay dormant for awhile.  Sometimes we just need to let it go because it was complete in whatever form it took.  But sometimes we need to  just pick it back up and start from where we are now.  Be willing to start over and dream our dream.  To not give up because it took some time or had some walls to overcome is our measure of success.  It is not so much the destination that creates a satisfying life but the journey itself.

Once I realized that my journey included setbacks and leaps forward I began to  feel better about myself.  I was no longer so willing to criticize and judge myself or others solely on accomplished goals but began to appreciate my personal journey of being who I am.  Began to appreciate the joy of other's on their journey.  Somedays it is my time to smell the flowers and sometimes I am fertilizing the field where those flowers will grow.  Now I call it all gardening.