Changing Behavior

In order to help others we must first become comfortable with ourselves. We believe we find the comfort in ourselves from helping others, but sometimes life gets more complicated than that. Blog posts in this section are all about how we can adjust our lives, our  mental attitudes, our routines, on a personal level, so that we can achieve greater levels of personal satisfaction and thus increase our ability to spread positivity.
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The reason

The question of what is our purpose here on earth arises every generation.
Empathy is a beautiful aspect of our miraculous capacity for love. We can define empathy as the ability to intuitively sense- with warmth and caring- what another person is feeling. Empathy between people is major aspect of "feeling connected". Where there is empathy there is no rejection, no judgement, no "stranger". In empathy there is an kindness that heals and unites us. Without this blessed capacity of our hearts to touch and hold each other's inner selves, life would be very lonely indeed! Just as empathy is an essential aspect of loving and connecting with another person, so is our ability to be empathetic toward ourselves central to the ability to love ourselves unconditionally. So allow me to ask you the all-important question- how much empathy do you have for YOU?
The broken-hearted emptiness of our disappointed need for love is buried in the body and unconscious mind. And iike all of our unhealed and unconscious conflicts, we "transfer" the unfulfilled needs onto people, things- and philosophies. I firmly believe that this is why books like "The Secret" are so seductive and attractive to so many. People are trained to believe that "filling themselves" with achievements and external "goods" will make them happy. So the hope and ideology that we can "manifest" everything we desire draws us like a moth to a flame.


Your soul is always "pulling in" the grace you need- a person, an experience, a lesson, an awakening or even a Facebook post- to get more healed and more free. We can best notice- and be receptive to the benefits of- the big and small miracles flowing toward us when we are in a relaxed, open-hearted and centered place. But whether our hearts are in a heaven or struggling through hell, the stream of grace is flowing either way!


How many of you are frustrated about your sexual experience but really don't know why you feel unsatisfied- or how to fix it? From a thoughtful observation of the never-ending stream of remedies peddled by the drug industry and the decades-long discussion on TV/Radio talk shows, the internet and magazines, it appears that millions of us are endlessly searching for sexual satisfaction that we never truly find. The insight that our emotional blocks- which everybody has (through no choice or fault of their own.....)- HIGHLY impact our sexual satisfaction is virtually unknown. And yet it is enormously important and is the missing key for people to revolutionize their sex lives and claim the deep pleasure and joy they deserve.
I regularly hear reports from my clients that after the lively expression and release of a previously blocked emotion (usually anger, sadness, fear or the need for love) the vividness and pleasure of sexual feelings and orgasmic satisfaction noticeably increases. And this joyful excitement and fulfillment in sex grows and becomes permanent- the "new normal"- as the person's fear and resistance to his/her own emotions is worked through and the life-force flows fully and freely.

Better to be kind than right

Letting go of the need to be right, and instead allowing kindness to be the overriding value in our words and deeds
There needs to be a great "emotional clearing" of your system. Eventually the painful feelings are resolved and gone. And all that is left is the aliveness and the freedom. Then a great peace comes over you, and the love, joy and creativity of your body and soul shine forth unimpeded!
So many people truly love each other but that love fades because the emotional reactivity of our "hot buttons" wears the feeling of love and connection (including the sexual connection!) down. If what I am sharing here was known to everyone so many relationships would survive the "rough times". And be even more fulfilling than before- both because of the greater self-awareness and because the old emotional conditioning would no longer be getting in the way! If you have a friend who is struggling in his/her relationship I hope you will share these insights. It could make all the difference!
Now here is the REAL truth about you. You are a unique masterpiece- fully worthy, fully valid, fully lovable. You do not need to change who you are or become a "better person". Why? Because the actual problem is believing that your core and authentic self isn't good enough- isn't in fact a miracle! You need to wake up and celebrate the amazing beauty and total rightness that is YOU! And live your life from the happiness that self-inspiration brings you.

2013 off to a very rocky start

Even with Obama taking the reins of the U.S. economy for a few more years, the year 2013 is off to a very uncertain and rocky start...
Its all about bill C-45 and whether or not there is a way or means to change that bill....


Just as there are some exciting things happening for the music industry and for many just starting out, then there are some of those familiar faces appearing to fall by the wayside. Whats going on?
Suzanne Soto-Davies, writing in the winter edition of Silver and Gold Magazine, had an article called Neurobics =Alzheimer Prevention?


Khristos narodivsya (Christ is Born) and the response to this Ukrainian Christmas greeting is: Slavite Yoho (Let us Glorify Him).... and thanks to my dear sister Marian for sending this along in an email....


in the beautiful song OUR TOWN, Iris Dement sings: "I can see the sun's setting fast, but as they say nothing good ever go on and say goodbye to our town, to our town...can't you see the suns setting down on our town, on our town...goodnight..."
Speaker, author and finance expert Kelly Keehn has this to say about investing in the lotter..."You know, its the worst possible investment one could make..."
A struggle that seems almost universal is worrying about what other people think of us. How many of us- to one degree or another- lead "other-centered" lives. That is, imprisoned in the anxiety that craves others' approval or fears their judgement. What is the free and secure place we need to cultivate within ourselves, in order to feel happy in our relationships with other people?

Reflections of our world in 2012

Important indeed, for each of us to sit quiet and ponder the year that has gone by and the year that is about to begin, as our world wobbles in the universe...


It was noted in Newtown, the mother of the shooter legally owned (4) guns and often took her children out for target shooting....
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