DEAR FRIENDS- What we call "synchronicity" is something that occurs- apparently by chance- that carries a benefit, or message or awareness we need in that very moment on our path. When our hearts are open and our minds are clear we recognize that these seemingly random events are meaningful and helpful. That they are, in actuality- grace!
And perhaps you have observed- as I have- that "synchronicities" are occuring to everyone all the time!
Your soul is always "pulling in" the grace you need- a person, an experience, a lesson, an awakening or even a Facebook post- to get more healed and more free. We can best notice- and be receptive to the benefits of- the big and small miracles flowing toward us when we are in a relaxed, open-hearted and centered place. But whether our hearts are in a heaven or struggling through hell, the stream of grace is flowing either way!
Today a friend of mine shared with me a wonderful metaphor about hearing our soul's voice- and receiving the "jewels of synchronicity" we are offered. Our conscious minds are like an air traffic controller with a dirty screen. The information on the screen is the guidance from our soul. All the blips and signals are right there on the screen whether the controller can "see" them or not. But in life we so often go off course or even crash because we are blind to what we are being shown and closed to what we are being given.
This brings us face-to-face with the ultimate question: How do we "clean our screen" so we can be unerringly guided by the wisdom of our souls? The answer lay in the deep and cleansing emotional work I am always encouraging people to do. WHAT WE CARRY IN OUR UNCONSCIOUS MINDS SEVERELY LIMITS WHAT OUR CONSCIOUS MINDS CAN PERCEIVE!
When we are imprisoned by unconscious emotional conflicts (mainly from our childhood) and buried feelings of fear/anger/sadness/guilt/shame our "screen" is darkened and blurred. Our soul is always transmitting its guidance, and "pulling in" the grace we need to get more healed and free. But the signal is being "jammed" by our unrecognized and unhealed pain. Over and over again I have seen that this "inner static" is so powerful that we can't hear the voice of our soul and receive the good things coming our way. This is why I passionately believe that the self-loving practice of working with your feelings is the great neglected element in spirituality- both ancient and modern. And, actually, is the most "spiritual" , self-loving and liberating thing you can do!
To receive the constant "homing signals" from your soul and open your mind, body and spirit to the flow of grace- "clean your screen" by healing your feelings. Everything in your life- and most importantly your ability to be happy- will improve as a result! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN