Kim DuBois

We all have the power within us to find happiness, experience true and lasting joy, and to change our lives. By examining our thoughts, beliefs, patterns and choices we begin to see how, like it or not, we create the circumstances of our lives over and over again. Change is possible. Happiness is our birthright, and can be attained, one thought, one belief, one step at a time. My goal as a hypnotherapist is to inspire others to find this truth.
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Sophie Leigh

What is it about this newborn baby that has me falling helplessly in love? I ponder this as I hold my newborn granddaughter...

Let Me Eat Cake??

I don't know what it is about making healthy choices that will sometimes cause others to undermine, deflate and sabotage our fledgling efforts, but I do kow they will...

How to be a Great Runner

How to be a great anything, really.

Relationships and Blue Jeans

Too many people project what is wrong with their lives outside of them. Moving from job to job, house to house or relationship to relationship, they hope each time that a different situation will yield different results. But the common denominator is always you.

Red Light, Green Light!

You can change your life, one light at a time!

You Take Yourself With You

Be happy now, because you take yourself with you wherever you go.

Tell A Different Story

If you want things to change, you have to tell a different story. I’ve heard this before… What story? I’m not telling any stories, what does this even mean?I think of this advice while I drive along an old road of my past...

I like consistency and order in my life, so naturally I had a bit of an issue one day when I felt one of my colleagues was handling himself in a terribly inconsistent way.

Just Let It Flow.

It feels good. It is good, and it is right for it to be yours. Let go of worry, fear and anxiety. They are the roadblocks and barriers. It really is ok… just let it flow.

We Don't Need A Man!

I don’t need to be in a relationship and neither do you. If you’re in one and you like it, stay and enjoy it! If it feels like it’s time to let go, let go. But don’t feel you have to go rushing into someone else’s arms to feel safe and whole again… There are no wild animals threatening the sanctity of your cave anymore.

I Don't Need the Drama!

“Just let it go,” my little voice told me. “Let him be responsible for his own emotional well being. Let it go and stop creating drama.”

It's Ok to Want What I Want!

I really don’t like grocery shopping. In fact I’d been putting it off for far too long...

...Interestingly, a lot of life is this way. We think things are going pretty well for us until we start noticing how they aren’t. A lover is nearly perfect until we start focusing on those one or two small things that aren’t perfect. And the more attention we give to those things, the more of those things we see.

Love Your Money!

Is really ok to "love money"??? Actually, I think it is...

My take on an old saying.

Got a tough decision to make? Maybe you’ve been mulling one around all afternoon, making lists of the pro’s and con’s, rating things by priority and even consulting friends, only to continue feeling confused as to how to proceed. Here’s a few tricks to help you get in touch with what you really want, making the best decision for you.

Change... Sometimes It Hurts So Good!

I'm realizing that change is a little like running. It's not something I always want to do, and it doesn't always feel good while I'm doing it, but the rewards are so sweet sometimes!

When I believe I am strong, I can move mountains. When I believe I am weak, the weight of the world crushes me.

I Am Free!

I feel so blessed to live in country where I am free to write this email, discussing any topic or opinion I choose, and where you are also free to either read it or throw it away.

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